Matt Haller grew up in Elmhurst and graduated from York Community High School. ​A hockey player who was playing three times a week against people half his age.

An Account Executive that has worked in Chicago Media for over 15 years at Univision, ESPN and two tours at WCIU-TV.

Diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer in November 2017, Haller fought for more government oversight into ethylene oxide emissions while he struggled to live longer and create a few more memories with his wife, Colleen, and his 4-year-old son, Cullen.

“My son is four years old, and you really wonder, is he going to remember me? I’m not going to be able to teach him to play hockey. So much loss, you know, when you look forward, you just see loss.”

Matt lived a mile from the now-closed Sterigenics plant in Willowbrook, and was an outspoken proponent for closing the plant. After bravely battling, in March of 2019, Matt sadly passed away. He was 45 years old, the first litigant to pass away after filing a lawsuit against Sterigenics.

Matt’s legacy will live on, as the Illinois General Assembly passed the ​Matt Haller Act ​in June of 2019, calling for some of the strictest restrictions on ethylene oxide emissions and facilities in the nation.

“For all of you that knew Matt really well, he had a great love for politics. I feel like he should be here right now celebrating with us, but I know he’s watching over us right now… This bill will be an everlasting legacy as a father, a husband, and a loyal member of our community.”

Colleen Haller

He wanted to remember people like Katherine Howard, who has stomach cancer; Jana Conev and Jeanne Hochhalter, who have breast cancer; Petko Conev, who has bladder cancer; and Julian Glick, who has leukemia.

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